Things to understand in hiring foreign executives

Executive search in Singapore is one of the most competitive in the world. Singapore’s workforce is a combination of both local and foreign workers each giving their share and contributes to the growth of Singapore.

Locals and foreigners

Workforce competitiveness in a sense that except from locals who has the opportunity to get a job easier that foreigners can with or without experience and because of the of strict quota in hiring foreign workers. It doesn’t mean companies can’t hire foreign workers; it’s just that there is a quota for foreigners being hired on a ratio basis. Foreigners are one of the great workforce that Singapore has ever had, they come to Singapore looking for a job but they already have a very high experience with regard to their target position, they don’t mind getting 1 position down the corporate ladder as long as it’s their related field and their salary is not that high and still would work to have great results in terms of delivery, work ethics and professionalism.

This is not low balling because the fact of the matter is that foreigners come here for a higher salary, because c’mon you don’t go to a certain country because you love to work outside your comfort zone and you’re willing to get hired in a foreign land with a low salary. Because you don’t period. You go to a foreign land to land a job that can pay you five to ten times the current salary that you have in your country.

These people are already considered as top executives and had key roles in their previous companies. Most work in international companies but are just located in their country like Malaysia, India, China, Philippines and Indonesia.

Working in executive search in Singapore

These are the reasons why Singaporean companies i f they will have their way will not hesitate to hire qualified foreigners that can fill in their empty seats. These are now a territory for executive search firms that knows this demography of people, a company that has work with these nationals and knows who the perfect people can fit in a company both local and foreign. The People at Work has this kind of qualifications and they believe that getting the next top executive for your company is not limited to Singapore alone. They will help you search far and wide for that qualified executive; all you have to do is give them a ring.