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The Growth Of Serviced Office In Singapore

The giant leaps scientists have achieved in the realms of technology generated a lot of opportunities in today’s market for starting companies to exploit. The number of startups is hiking all around the world and Singapore is not an exception. The world is still in the large part dominated by big corporations, but overvalued buyouts and acquisitions still make startups a promising form of business. With plenty of ideas lying around to be experimented with, entrepreneurs everywhere thrive to open new companies to work on these ideas. Any starting company tries to contain its expenses as much as possible, at least until it starts turning a profit. Shared office space is ideal to serve that purpose since office spaces usually occupy the largest chunk in the monthly expenses. The reduction of cost combined with the suitable size for a starting company makes the serviced office a long-lasting solution for newly funded companies. Investing in real estate is known for its high returns and low risk. Office spaces are in no way an exception to that.

Why cheap office rental is worth the investment?

  • Investing in cheap office rentals carries almost zero amounts of risk. At worst case scenario, which typically doesn’t happen and is easily avoidable, the investor can earn the same amount they spent by reselling the property. In most cases, resale generates a considerable profit.
  • Investing in cheap office rentals is a headache-free way of money making. On contrary to investing in a hedge fund or the stock market, investing in cheap office rentals is a one-time payment that yields hefty profits afterward.
  • The outstanding return on investment could reach as much as double the original invested capital over a long period of time. It is so profitable that real estate experts often rent big spaces only to re-rent it later in the form of small spaces to entrepreneurs and still manage to come up with a profit.