Employment Agencies in Singapore

Why getting an employment agency is a good idea

What’s the difference in getting hired by a company directly versus employment agencies in Singapore?  There is really not much difference versus other countries.

Employment agencies

Employment agencies in Singapore gets paid fees but not forever. They ask for a piece in getting applicant opportunities. If that applicant is hired they get another amount and usually it’s the first pay or up until the third salary, it depends. Now you might think that this is swindling but believe me it’s a more friendlier term versus other countries. In other countries these agencies directly hire people to work for companies even if they were just directed by the agency in order to get a job in a certain company they will always pay the agency for years because they have this bond that ties them now that is swindling.

In Singapore, if you need help professionally and you want to take advantage of their connections to get you to places you want to be and in this case employment it’s only a very reasonable amount. It’s this leverage that they have, their edge versus other agencies out there that can’t just be made overnight, its years and years of quality service from both employers and applicants that good agencies in Singapore build in order to get where they are now.

The main competition of agencies are online applications, but if agencies have this kind of connection to employers, their prospects can bypass this process and get an interview directly with an employer. These kind of a shortcut, leverage, bypass, route or whatever you want to call it does not exist online, and let’s face it online application is very tasking even staying at home when you register to it and especially when you’re using your smartphone.

Get an agency

If you want an agency that can be trusted, has a great track record in getting the right people and getting the right people to the right jobs then you should go for JobPlus. They have this business dialed in and you can be sure that you get the kind of quality service and opportunity that you can’t find in any other agencies in Singapore and especially online.