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Functioning Of Industrial Chemical Companies

Companies manufacturing, industrial chemicals can be classified on the basis of their products and the procedures they follow. Primarily, for manufacturing a chemical product, the company owner has to acquire requisite permits and licenses. In Singapore, there are various agencies and business service consultants that help entrepreneurs in procuring different types of industrial licenses and government permits. The licenses are sanctioned after conducting various tests and inspections by the respective authorities. Once the companies receive their permits, they start their manufacturing process depending on the requirements of their client companies. There are several companies that manufacture base chemical materials and chemical agents that are further used by other companies as raw materials for producing various types of consumer products. These products are marketed and distributed through a chain of dealers. The dealers and middlemen involved are verified and authorized by the manufacturers in order to prevent any kind of fraudulent activities.

Types of industrial chemical companies

  • Companies manufacturing agricultural chemicals represent a major sector. These companies produce various types of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. These products are tested for their safety and usability before they are introduced in the market.
  • Companies manufacturing household chemicals are also quite popular. They produce a wide range of chemical products that are used for conducting various domestic activities. Companies making chemical-based cleaning solutions, air fresheners, and disinfectant products are some of the best examples.
  • Chemicals are extensively used in pharmaceutical sectors. There are several reputed manufacturers producing different types of chemicals that are used for making a wide range of medicines. These companies are subject to various rules and regulations and they produce chemicals on the basis of extensive research and development.
  • Oil refineries manufacturing different types of refinery chemicals also come under the classification of a chemical company. Petroleum sludge, propane, diesel fuel, kerosene, and gasoline are some of the common refinery chemicals manufactured by such companies.