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Amazing Facebook Tricks And Hacks

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms in the world today. Individual users use it to socialize with peers and companies use it as a marketing platform. There are also companies who use it to respond to clients’ questions directly, and this saves customers time that they would have spent visiting the website and opening a support ticket – Interush Facebook is a very good example.

Here are three amazing Facebook tricks and hacks that you should know.

Save interesting things on your news feed

If you notice something interesting on your news feed while at the office, you do not have to view it right away. You can save it for later by clicking on the “Save” button to bookmark it. Click on the “More” tab on your Facebook mobile app to view the content during your free time. For example, you can use this feature to save articles from your favorite technology-based blog for later.

No more requests to play Candy Crush again

Sure, Candy Crush is one of the most engaging and fun mobile games that you can play to relax the mind after a long day. However, constant request to play the game with friends and other people whom you met on Facebook can be annoying and a nuisance. Luckily, Facebook has a feature that you can use to block spam invites. Open your Facebook mobile app, go to account settings and uncheck “Application Invites” to avoid such requests from popping on your profile.

Turning off auto-playing videos

The number of videos posted on Facebook has tremendously increased over the last six months. Did you know that you could prevent the videos from automatically playing? All you need to do is click on “More” tab when using the mobile app and select “videos and photos”, then choose to either auto play videos over Wi-Fi or cellular connections. You can also stop the videos from playing regardless of the type of internet connection you are using.

Finally, you can see the posts and profiles that you visited on a particular day many years ago by using the “On This Day” feature. This is more or less a personal time capsule. Get more Facebook tricks and tips by clicking here.