ballet classes for kids

6 things you’re familiar with if you attended ballet classes for kids before

Have you attended ballet classes for kids when you were young back then? Well, there are definite signs below that you were a ballet kid. We hope they will ring any bells as we believe ballet was really a unique experience that has made your childhood different from others!

You agree that classical ballet is the foundation of dancing

Classical ballet is the foundation for all dance styles as it helps with posture, control and strength. In fact, an outstanding classical ballet dancer can do jazz or hip hop dancing relatively easily given a little time. However, a dancer who is well-trained in jazz or hip hop would not be able to dance classical ballet.

Waiting time was never bore in ballet classes for kids

As there were so many basic techniques to be practised, you were never bored waiting in line. It is a good time to stretch your body, practise tiptoeing and choreography. Once you have got the pair of ballet shoes on your feet, you will never want to waste every minute – There are always something to improve.

You know spotting

Spotting is a ballet technique where dancers perform during dance turns. Spotting is done to attain body coordination, as well as preventing dizziness. Spotting is performed by pivoting the body and head at different rates. If you know and even have mastered spotting, there is no way you ain’t a ballet dancer!

You manage your long hair better than peers

Ballet dancers learned how to craft their own buns as they will always need to tie buns while dancing. You are not strange with using pins and even double-sided tapes. Sounds familiar?

Your closet has more tulle and sequins.

That’s for sure – I am sure each ballet dancer is still that excited to see beautiful tulles, nostalgic, isn’t it?

Manicures? No way!

No matter how much you love pedicures and manicures, you will never rationalise forking out for weekly pedicures. As a ballet enthusiast, you know callouses on your feet are much needed to do tiptoeing in ballet.

You are familiar with changing ballet attire in the back of a car

Those were the days where you need to balance your academic tuition classes and ballet lessons. When you have back-to-back classes to attend to, you will have to get dressed in a car.